Legal Services Department of "BS collegium" LLC offers the following services:

- Legal consultations of all types;
- Representation of client's interests in court, arbitration court, in state and municipal institutions, and in relations with natural and legal persons;
- Drawing up claim statements, explanations, appellate appeals and cassation appeals;
- Analysis and drafting of contracts;
- Drawing up complaints, notifications, applications and other documents;
- Collection of debts;
- Registration of LLC, joint-stock company and other legal entities, and changes in the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia;
- Contestation and appealing decisions of state and municipal institutions;
- Preparing documents for the insolvency process;
- Legal support for insurance event;
- Protection of consumers;
- Real estate transactions;
- Representation of client's interests in criminal procedure;
- Filing a complaint to the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Latvia;
- Consultation of labor protection, fire and electrical safety specialist;
- Trademark registration (Latvia, the European Union);
- Other legal services.

Legal services that are provided in the area of civil law include:

- In family disputes – drawing up marriage settlements, divorce suit, recovery of alimony;
- In labor disputes – termination of employment, nullity of a dismissal, enforced collection of salary;
- Collection of damages;
- Protection of client's rights, arising from rental agreement.